On tour with Rated X soon, Late October & November (see calendar)
I am composing music for the monologue "Man av Glas" and will perform it live on stage (see calendar for dates)
New website: www.soundcloud.com/ratedx
Will play together w/ Riverrun at Göteborgs konstmuseum in February. (Riverrun: Peter Uuskyla, Lars Larsson, David Bäck)
Composing a new song for trumpet & laptop and will be premiered at the  Solofestival  in January.
New website: www.myspace.com/lloydquartet
I recorded some new music with the Quartet LLOYD at Johannes Lundbergs Studio in December.
The Quartet  LLOYD received support from musikalliansen for a rehearsalperiod in November.
I composed music for the dance performance; "Just in Time" and it has been selected to participate in the final of Yokohama dance Collection R, which is the largest dance/choreography competition in Asia.
I´ve been rehearsing with drummer Johan Björklund for over a year now with the occasional gig here and there and we have been trying Duo, Trio and Quartet constellations and are  ready to play live on a more permanent basis  next year.
"Om morgondagen vet man aldrig/Tomorrow never knows" is going to Japan in late October and early November. It will be a part of a  documentary-package called "Swedish documentary now" from the Swedish filminstitute that will visit Tokyo and Osaka.
I am playing trumpet on an album that is being recorded right now  w/ guitar player Gunnar Backman. The project is called North/South. Featured musicians are among others, Jonny & Henrik Wartel. we´ve got some gigs lined up in Europe. You can find website in my links-section.
I am composing music for a dance performance called "Just in Time". A performance by choreographer Marika Hedemyr of Crowd Company. The dancer is Maria Mebius-Schröder. There´s also a shorter version, "Almost in Time". Some shows coming up at Atalante in November.
"Om morgondagen vet man aldrig/Tomorrow never knows" will have Swedish premiere at Hagabion on the 23rd of February in Stockholm and select citys.
New website: www.myspace.com/altertrptego
I am composing music for a dance exhibition featuring Lee kum ah Nathansen and Mette Wiik.
I´ve contributed music to the score of the documentary "Tomorrow never knows" by Kirsi Nevanti and the film-premiere is set in December at the Amsterdam filmfestival.
I composed music for a installation by Charles Szwarcnabel and Petra Revenue called Swedish Fashion. It was performed at the Museum of
World Culture in Gothenburg.
Check out the new website  at www.myspace.com/lader  for info about Läder.
I will perform "Air Pressure -music for trumpet and tape" at the Signal & Noise-festival in Vancouver, Canada with a fresh dvd made by myself and Håkan Blomdahl who did digital effects for Peter Jacksons "King -Kong" and at Element studios during the G.A.S-festival.
Soon to start is the editing process of "LÄDERS" fourth and yet untitled album.
In late November -05, "LÄDER" goes on tour.  Super-Drummer Extraordinaire Morgan Ågren  join up for these gigs.
Rehearsals have started with  Mette Wiik and Lee Kum-Ah Nathansen, creating "Röd" A portion was performed earlier this year at Röhsska museét and at 24 kvadrat in Gothenburg. (April and May -05)
Vägen till Buddha has received an invitation to perform on Teneriffa next year. 
Tony Blomdahl is composing a solo piece for trumpet & tape, which I am due to perform in 2007.