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I work as a freelance trumpet player and composer. I write music for dance performances, theatre etc. and play trumpet in a couple of groups.

Teater Trixter gig at Artisten break during dance rehearsals Teater Trixter


"LLOYD is a Quartet that use improvisation as a tool to create music. Soundscapes are constructed and torn apart again, from massive sounds to tiny deflated fragments, to create new musical surroundings around the group. A Quartet deeply rooted in improvisation music and the electro acoustic tradition that produces an energetic performance filled with different layers"

Johan Björklund -drums & electronics
Jonny Wartel -sax & electronics
Michele Collins -vocals
Mike Lloyd -trpt & laptop

Started out as a collaboration between Johan Björklund and myself. Currently a quartet. Recorded new music in December -09 at Johannes Lundbergs studio.


”Arhytmic, super-ryhtmic or meta-rythmic, this quartet is like Einstürzende Neubauten and Napalm Death simultaneously trying to pound out a conflictive/contradictory 
”Trout masc replica” groove –post jazz beyond thunderdome”. 
“This is urgent music, it's necessary music”.

Mike Lloyd -trumpet
Tony Blomdahl -guitar & doepfer
J. Fredric Bergström -bass
Måns Almered -electronics
Bruno Andersen -drums
Thommy Larsson -drums

LÄDER was formed in the beginning of 2002 by Tony Blomdahl and myself as a duo. The group is currently a sextet.  Läder has performed at some of the most important stages for experimental music in Sweden such as Atalante, Nefertiti, GAS-festival, Brötz/Now in Gothenburg and at Nalen and Fylkingen in Stockholm. The band has made four CD;s and LÄDER is featured together with Morgan Ågren as a bonus-track on Morgan's TOURBOOK 1991-2007 DVD. Morgan is known for his collaborations with the late Frank Zappa and his TV-program "Trum" on SVT.

Spirits Rejoice
Jazz in the Ayler/Coltrane/Mingus tradition.

Anders Söderling -drums
Lolo Anderson -bass
Sverker Petterson -sax
Jonny Wartel -sax
Håkan Strängberg -trombone
Mike Lloyd -trpt

and occasionally I do stuff together with guitar player Gunnar Backman

North/South & Wonka Live  
Modern jazz music

Henrik Wartel - drums
Anders Berg - bass
Gunnar Backman -fretless guitar
Mike Lloyd - trpt